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Commercial Garage Door Service for Businesses

Commercial Garage Door Service for Businesses

When most people think of garage doors, they think about residential garage doors that keep their personal vehicles safe at home. However, garage doors are a necessity for businesses too, and they have different needs. If your business needs commercial garage door services, we can provide them at Aaron’s Garage Doors. You can rest assured we have the expertise to address concerns that are specific to commercial settings.

There are many instances in which your business may need commercial garage door service. Here are a few examples:

  • Panel Damage – Businesses tend to deal with garage door panel problems more often than homeowners. This tendency can be attributed to the heavier use of commercial garage doors or to the heavy-duty equipment that is often found in commercial facilities. There is greater potential for a garage door panel to become dented or otherwise damaged when heavy equipment is in the vicinity and the risk of accidents is higher. If your garage door has panel damage, we can repair it.
  • Worn-Out Springs – A residential garage door is typically used a couple of times each day, but commercial garage doors open and close more frequently. The greater number of opening and closing cycles for commercial garage doors means the springs get worn out faster and need replacement. We can clean, lubricate, and replace springs as needed.
  • Poor Energy Efficiency – Some garage doors cause your business to lose energy and force your HVAC system to work harder. To improve your building’s energy efficiency and reduce costs, we can install a more energy-efficient commercial garage door option for you.

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