For many Americans, their garage doors can see a lot of daily use. Unfortunately, no matter how well you maintain your garage doors, parts eventually wear out and accidents happen. This can be especially problematic if you rely heavily on your garage door, or if your vehicle is stuck in the garage.

Aaron’s Garage Doors can help with all of your garage door repair needs, whether your garage door won’t open or if it has difficulty closing. Aaron’s provides prompt and courteous repair service for garage doors in Nashville and across Middle Tennessee. Aaron’s has serviced thousands of garage doors and garage door openers in the counties surrounding Nashville throughout the years.

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Aaron can help you with all of your garage door repairs, including:

  • Bent Tracks
  • Broken Panels or Sections
  • Broken Torsion Springs and Cables
  • Dead Garage Door Openers
  • Garage Doors Not Opening or Closing
  • Jammed Emergency Release
  • Over Stretched or Broken Extension Springs
  • Warped or Bent Section Reinforcement
  • Worn Out Motors and Gears

Aaron’s uses high-quality parts on all of their garage door repairs and replacements. We understand how important it is to pay attention to all of the little details along the way. You can rest assured that your garage door is in capable hands with Aaron’s prompt and personal service.

Aaron’s provides convenient service for a wide variety of manufacturers products, including:

  • Able
  • Amarr
  • Chamberlain
  • Clopay
  • DoorLink
  • Hormann
  • Liftmaster
  • Linear
  • Mid America
  • Raynor
  • Safeway
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Windsor 


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Simply call 615-4566654 or contact us to receive an estimate or to schedule an appointment. Aaron’s provides speedy response and affordable repairs with free estimates for those moments when you need it most. Same day and emergency service is available.

Aaron’s Garage Doors services is your local expert on garage door repair. He has helped many homeowners in the Middle Tennessee area with their garage door repair problems. This includes communities across Davidson County, Rutherford County, Sumner County, Wilson County, and Williamson County.

First, there is the doors track system. The garage door rolls up and down this track. If it is bent or not properly lined up, accidents are around the corner. As the garage door moves through the track, rollers can pop out of the tracks and cause the door to fall. Or, if the horizontal track is cracked or kinked, the weight of an open door can cause the track to buckle and again the door could collapse.

Next, there is the garage door panels, or sections. With every opening and closing of the door, they are flexed and twisted. This repeated action causes the sections to bow and eventually crack. Strong winds and collision by a vehicle or other object can cause instant damage, or just speed up the process. The good thing about sectional type garage doors is that individual sections may be replaced without having to purchase a complete new garage door.

Third are the hinges and rollers. Every time the garage door opens and closes the hinges bend and twist, which eventually will cause the hinges to crack and break. If they are not replaced immediately, this can cause more extensive damage to the garage door. With the rollers, many rollers are metal and have ball bearings. These ball bearings wear out and the rollers do not move freely in the track. This causes the door to be dragged and pushed open and closed, which will cause your garage door opener to wear out.

Then there is the spring system, which does all of the lifting of the garage door. If a garage door spring breaks, you may not be able to get your garage door open. There are several types of garage door springs, and even more sizes of springs. It is extremely important to put the proper spring with the proper tension on your garage door. Too strong of a spring will cause the door to not stay closed, and be difficult to even get closed. Too weak of a spring and your garage door opener may be over stressed and wear out prematurely, or your door to not stay open.

For garage door openers there are variety of problems as well. Whether your safety sensors are not functioning, or are misaligned. Plastic gears wear down, especially if your garage door installation has not been properly maintained or is not working correctly. Capacitors and circuit boards burn out. And chains and belts need to be adjusted for proper tension or they may slip or drag on the garage door. Even emergency releases can jam and cause the trolley to not re engage.