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DIY Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance That You Can Do

Is your garage door operating in less-than optimal condition? Simple garage door maintenance and repairs can help to keep your garage door operating at its best. Many of these repairs can be done on your own.

Below are a few common repairs that can help to keep your door opening and closing smoothly.

Check Tracks
Damaged tracks are one of the most common issues that garage doors face. Since tracks are constantly being used, they tend to receive a lot of damage. A dented track could make the whole garage door inoperable. Dents in the track can be pounded out with a rubber mallet. Also, check to ensure that your tracks are level. Both vertical tracks should be at the same height. To readjust the tracks loosen the screws and tap the tracks back into place before replacing the screws.

Check Hardware
Loose hardware can be another source of garage door malfunction. A loose screw can cause the tracks to move out of alignment. Be sure to check all the hardware surrounding your garage door to make sure it is tightened properly. Loose screws can cause damage to hinges as well as the wood or walls that they are screwed into. Make sure all bolts and screws on mounting brackets that are located alongside the tracks are tight.

Keeping your garage door clean can help keep it in good working order. A garage door track can become dirty and filled with debris, which can prevent the garage door from opening and closing properly. The garage door tracks and the door itself should be cleaned at least once a year. Get rid of hardened grease and dirt buildup on the tracks and the rollers with a concentrated household cleaner. Wipe both rollers and tracks dry after cleaning.

While some garage door repairs are dangerous and should be left to the professionals, certain repairs and maintenance can be done by DIY enthusiasts on their own.

Of course, if you aren’t comfortable making repairs on your own, be sure to call in a professional. And never attempt to replace to torsion springs. Springs are under tension and can be dangerous to replace. Be sure to call a garage door service professional for spring replacement jobs.

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