Types of Garage Doors

If you’re in the market for garage doors for sale in Nashville, Tennessee, you don’t want just any garage door. You want the door that’s perfectly suited to your property, your needs and your sense of style. Aaron’s Garage Doors has a wide range of garage door styles in Nashville, Tennessee, to choose from. Here’s a brief breakdown on our various garage door options to help you decide which one is right for you.

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Sectional Garage Doors: This is possibly the most popular garage door style in Nashville. These doors are made up of a series of linked door panels, which can be raised or flush. These are a good choice if you have limited garage space.

Roll-Up Garage Doors: A roll-up garage door is a simple door that rolls up into the ceiling. You can get insulated roll-up doors and they are usually made of aluminum or steel. There are more common as industrial doors.

Side-Hinge, Swing-Out and Canopy Doors: Side-hinge or carriage doors open out instead of up. They are popular in Spanish, Western and Mediterranean door architecture, but are uncommon for American homes. Swing-out doors similarly have a classic, traditional feel but are less convenient, as they open out rather than straight up. Canopy doors are garage doors that do not retract, but don’t require a lot of garage room to open.

Carriage-House Style Doors: All of these door styles are somewhat outdated. If you are interested in a traditional-style door with modern convenience, we recommend a Clopay® carriage-house style door. These doors have the look of an old-style traditional side-hinge door, but open with the ease and convenience of a modern door.


Modern and Contemporary Garage Doors: In contrast with carriage-house style doors, contemporary garage doors have a more modern sensibility. Usually made of aluminum or steel, they often feature decorative glass and simple, clean lines.

Wood Garage Doors: Natural wood garage doors are popular with people who want a timeless natural look and feel to their garage door. While wood garage doors look great, they require careful maintenance, as they can be vulnerable to the elements and deteriorate over time.

Steel Garage Doors: One of the most popular types of garage doors, steel doors look great and are tougher and longer-lasting than wood doors.

Aluminum Garage Doors: These are like steel doors, but require even less maintenance to keep them looking good.

Composite Doors: These doors offer the best of both worlds, featuring the look and feel of natural wood but the durability of steel.

Insulated Doors: These doors feature one or more layers of insulation couched between layers of steel, making these doors both tougher and more energy-efficient.

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