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Garage Door Color Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Garage Door Color Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

For most American homes, the garage door takes up one-third of the facade, meaning it accounts for 30 percent of your home’s curb appeal.

It’s not simply the style of your garage door that can elevate your facade, but you should also take into consideration your garage door color. In the last five years, garage door colors have expanded beyond traditional colors.

So, why not give your home personality and increase its curb appeal with a garage door color that complements your home?

Smoky Gray: Great with Brick

Grays are the perfect neutral, but smoky gray is slightly bluish gray, leaning heavily into the blue to make an otherwise standout color a little more neutral.

The blue undertones in this paint color complement the undertones in darker face brick.

Tortoise Shell: Great with Vinyl Siding

Revive your siding with this muted sage tone that highlights the surrounding greenery and livens up the exterior. Tortoise shell works well with cement siding and darker trim, contrasting both in a visually appealing way.

Black: Great with a White Home

Black and white has become the epitome of the modern-day farm-style trend. While there are very few HOAs that will get on board with a darker shade for your home, accenting a white or light neutral shade is less likely to be turned down and less likely to be a violation. This is an excellent way to add this trendy color to your exterior.

Catalina Blue: A Great All-Rounder

Catalina Blue is a combination of pale blue and sage green that emulates the sky on a sunny day and can brighten wood siding. In Tennessee, this is gorgeous garage door color that complements whites, grays, wood siding, and brick.

Hale Navy: Great for Accenting White and Gray

Hale Navy is a lovely complex darker shade that would be the perfect accompaniment to white or light gray shades when you don’t want to go with black or charcoal for your garage door.

Being slightly more uplifting than a gray garage door color, you can paint your gutters, shutters, and door this shade without your home looking monotonous.

Dragon Fly: Great for Grays and White Homes

If you’re looking for a vibrant shade, Dragon Fly, a green-leaning turquoise garage door color, will make your home stand out in a tastefully elegant way.

This garage door color complements a sprawling garden with plenty of greenery and will brighten up a monotone exterior and trim color.

Laurel Woods: Great for All-Day Versatility

Despite the name, Laurel Woods is not a brown shade but rather a deep green shade. The shade also has an interior counterpart, allowing you to create an inviting indoor/outdoor color scheme that makes your home feel cohesive.

You also get two gorgeous shades in one, allowing you to create the modern farmhouse aesthetic without committing to black. In the glow of the midday sun or during sunset, the olive green sparkles, but on those overcast days or in the evening, the color mimics the black of the farmhouse aesthetic — of course, without the inky undertone.

Garage door colors are no longer limited to wood stains, browns, white, and cream; instead, they’re much like the front door, trim, or shutters, perfectly expressing your personality with your exterior.