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Garage Door Opener Safety and Features Explained

Garage doors have come a long way in recent years. Garage doors of today are available in a wide variety of various materials to suit any need and budget, and are stronger and more durable than ever. Garage doors today also come with longer warranties, since they are designed to last. Perhaps most importantly, garage doors today are quiet; no more garage door noise that wakes the neighbors when you arrive home late!

Modern garage door openers are better than ever before as well. With modern features such as keyless entry, there’s no need to worry about locking yourself out. And with safety features that have drastically reduced the number or garage door-related accidents in recent years, modern garage door openers are safer than ever.

Here is a basic overview of some features that are available in a new garage door opener.


  1. Emergency Release – This allows the garage door to be opened and closed, should the power go off, or if something malfunctions.
  2. Speed – Some garage door openers today are built for speed. This is an important feature for those who don’t like waiting for the door to slowly open in the mornings!
  3. Lights – Garage door openers also sometimes come with lights that can be put on a fixed timer, or set to automatically turn on.
  4. Battery Backup – An important feature should the power go out – your garage door opener will flip to the battery backup allowing you in and out of your house, even in the event of a power outage, without having to manually open and close it.
  5. Keyless Entry – Most garage door openers today are designed to be opened with a single-button remote. You can even have a keypad installed outside the door, to allow family members to access the house easily without having to worry about keys.

Besides just convenience, new garage door openers also offer updated and important safety features.

Important safety features include an automatic reverse mechanism, which allows the door to automatically reverse should it come in contact with something while it is closing. They also include “safety eyes,” which automatically ensure that nothing is blocking the door’s path before it closes. Other available safety features include time reversing systems which automatically reverse the door if it hasn’t closed entirely within 30 seconds.

When choosing a new garage door opener, be sure to ask your garage door installation professional about available garage door opener safety and convenience features.

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