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Add Curb Appeal to Your Tennessee Home with a Garage Door

A garage door is an integral fixture in any residential or commercial property. While it attends to an extremely important utility of keeping the cars safe and secured, they also add to the curb appeal of the property. Many homeowners opt for a new garage door before listing their homes for sale or before getting a property valuation done. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to increase curb appeal is to get a new garage door and while one can always opt for painting the exteriors or amending a few exterior features, replacing the garage door is often the most popular choice.

Choosing any garage door randomly will not be able to offer any accentuation to the curb appeal of the house or the commercial property. One must make the right choice. There are various types of garage door and one would have to look at what ideally suits the house, its structures, the aesthetics and architecture of the property. One may also take into consideration the type of garage door that is popular in a city or a state at the present time. Curb appeal is a lot dependent on perception of buyers and sellers, hence going by popular trends that hold value is a good choice.

There are three factors in a garage door that contributes to the curb appeal – ease of operation, longevity and physical attributes. Manual doors are not what can enhance the curb appeal. Automatic doors have become the omnipresent norm and even among them, it is those that are easiest to operate, function smoothly and calmly without any hiccups or erratic motions that are liked the most. Normally there are starting and stopping functions of a automatic garage door but alarm systems and other operating factors also play a role.

The second aspect that matter the most is the longevity of the garage door. Wood is the most aesthetic and appealing but steel lasts the longest. Steel garage door also doesn’t require as much maintenance as a wooden garage door would demand. Fiberglass is only ideal for certain neighborhoods and is not a favorite across the board.

Physical attributes such as insulation, quality of the materials, whether they are overhead garage door or hinged retractable and such factors would play a decisive role in enhancing the curb appeal of a home. With finest insulation, thick garage door that do not occupy much space inside or outside (preferably overhead garage door) made of high quality steel might be more preferable.

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