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Preparing Your Garage Door For A Storm Or High Winds

Preparing your garage door for a storm or high winds requires meticulous studying of the condition of your present garage door, the kind of garage door that you would be ideally needing given the speed of the anticipated high winds or the storm and also if there is anything you can do to your existing garage door so it can withstand the turmoil.

There are actually three solutions that you can choose from – buying a new garage door that is capable of withstanding the expected range of high winds by the virtue of its construction and installation, garage door repair to enable the existing garage door to sustain the storm or to use retrofit kits that can be installed before a storm sets in and can protect the garage door during the stormy event.

Storm prone areas would often have a stringent building code as per which a garage door would have to be sturdy enough to withstand the high winds in anticipated range. If the local regulations recommend homeowners to have garage door that can withstand high winds up to 180 miles per hour then one should never buy a garage door that doesn’t comply with it. There are options of garage door repair that can be opted for but while buying a new one, such a physical attribute shouldn’t be compromised upon.

If a garage door blows away or gives in then there can be serious damage to the car or the vehicle parked as well as the entire house. Because of garage doors giving away, the high winds can storm in the house and even blow off the roof, as has been seen times and again around the world. If you aren’t buying a new garage door then you should get a garage door repair company work on your existing door and upgrade it to sustain the wind load requirement. From changing end stiles to adding sheets of additional steel and reinforcing the hinges and the vents, a lot can be done by a garage door repair specialist to ensure your garage door sustains high winds and doesn’t falter.

There are retrofit kits available in the market which uses braces to offer additional strength to a garage door. These are active systems which can be installed by the homeowner before a storm sets in and can successfully manage to withstand the high winds. However, the mounting area and tracks of the garage door should be in good condition to offer the optimum support to the braces.

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