Garage Door Cable Replacement

If you suspect you have a broken cable on your garage door, you should replace it right away. A frayed or broken cable could snap, letting the door come crashing down, damaging the door and putting people around it at risk. If you need garage door cable replacement in Nashville or throughout middle Tennessee, the company to contact is Aaron’s Garage Doors. Do not attempt to replace cables on a garage door yourself, as you could do further damage to the door, potentially voiding any warranty. Worse yet, you could cause yourself serious injury.

What Garage Door Cables Do

Garage door cables are a strong safety measure. Your garage door springs control the movement of your garage door up and down. These springs are extremely powerful, tight units of coiled metal that store enough energy to move hundreds of pounds. If one should break, the cables could be the only thing preventing the door from swinging out of control, damaging anything underneath, such as your vehicle. It could also injure people in the area.

How Do You Know if You Need Garage Door Cable Replacement?

There are a number of signs you need cable replacement, including:

  • Door sticks open
  • Door sticks closed
  • Door sticks halfway
  • Door comes down too quickly
  • Cable appears visibly frayed
  • Cable appears visibly broken


It’s important to note that a broken or frayed cable is far from the only reason you could have such problems. A broken or worn-out spring or a faulty garage door opener could be the culprit. Debris on the track the garage door rolls up on could be the problem, or something could be blocking the photo eye sensors. Because it is not always clear what the source of your garage door problem is, the best approach is to call your garage door professional whenever you experience any of the above issues.

Contact Aaron’s Garage Doors Today for Cable Replacement and Other Garage Door Repair

Whether It’s a frayed cable, a broken spring or a faulty garage door opener that’s giving you problems, if you’re in Nashville or the middle Tennessee area, Aaron’s Garage Doors is ready to come to your rescue. We have the parts and tools to effect virtually any garage door repair, and our experienced and efficient technicians can diagnose your problem and solve it fast.

We can assess your problem and give you a free estimate on the service you need so you’ll know exactly what to expect, and we don’t consider a job finished until you are completely satisfied. For all your garage door service in Nashville and middle Tennessee, contact us online or call 615-456-6654 today.