Garage Door Opener Repair Service in Nashville, TN

When your garage door opener stops working, you may find yourself in a tricky situation — either you’re stuck inside or outside of your garage or the door won’t close completely, leaving your home unnecessarily exposed to the elements and possible intruders. While a malfunctioning garage door opener is a hassle, finding the cause of the issue is typically fairly simple. When you call the garage door repair professionals at Aaron’s Garage Doors, we can quickly identify the problem with your garage door opener and recommend quality repair services, maximizing your garage door operations, efficiency and lifespan.

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Most Common Garage Door Problems

The garage door opener is responsible for smoothly and steadily raising and lowering your door, and with frequent use, irregular maintenance and variable environments and conditions, it’s normal for homeowners to experience operational issues with their opener machine. Garage door opener malfunctions are typically identified by unusual garage door motion like automatically reversing when the door hits or nears the ground, refusing to open or close or not opening completely.

The most common issues with garage door openers are often caused by:

  • Remote malfunctions: If your garage door doesn’t consistently or reliably open with your remote, check that your batteries are fresh and that you’re standing within range of the opener’s signal. If your garage door opener is working properly, inspect the quality of your opener’s antennae and ensure the opener is receiving adequate power.
  • Opener settings: When the garage door is installed, several opener settings must be adjusted to indicate the weight, speed and size of the door. If the limit switch or close force switch aren’t correctly calibrated, the garage door may reverse before meeting the floor or not open entirely.
  • Photo-eye sensor damage or misalignment: Every modern garage door opener machine has photo eye sensors installed at the base of the door. These sensors send an invisible beam across the bottom of your garage door, and when that beam is interrupted by an object, it sends a signal to the opener to reverse direction. If the sensors are damaged or misaligned, it could incorrectly interpret objects in the path of the door preventing it from closing entirely.

Reliable Garage Door Opener Repairs Throughout Nashville

Your garage door is one of the most-used fixtures in your entire home, and it’s crucial to keep this piece of machinery in optimal condition to ensure the safe, convenient and dependable use of your garage door opener. At Aaron’s Garage Doors, we offer the most comprehensive, reliable garage door opener repair services throughout Nashville.

Whether your garage door opener is malfunctioning or refusing to open or close properly, you can rely on our team of experienced, trained technicians to perform complete repairs using the finest quality tools and equipment for lasting efficiency. Our team has the knowledge to repair any garage door opener make or model.

Keep Your Garage Door Opener Efficient and Dependable With Aaron’s Garage Doors

Since 1997, Aaron’s Garage Doors has been the best and most helpful garage door experts in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. With our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals, you’re assured complete garage door opener repairs with solutions that meet your specific performance expectations and budget. Schedule garage door opener repair services today by filling out our contact form or calling (615) 456-6654.