Most Common Garage Door Issues

When arriving home after a long day at work, few things are more inconvenient or troublesome than finding your garage door system is malfunctioning. Whether your transmitter remote isn’t sending a strong signal, your door reverses as it’s opening or closing or it won’t function at all, finding the cause of the issue is typically easy to identify. For many common garage door problems, homeowners can address repairs with patience and the proper tools, or reach out to a trained and experienced professional for lasting, dependable garage door repairs.

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Common Problems With Garage Doors

Garage doors are manufactured to safely and reliably perform for up to 15 years, but with regular everyday use and irregular garage door maintenance, it’s common for many homeowners to experience door and hardware wear and tear. If your garage door suddenly stops working normally, consider these common garage door problems and their most likely repair solutions — if troubleshooting the problem doesn’t restore your garage door’s functionality, consult a professional repair technician.

Stuck Garage Door

Misaligned garage door tracks are often the most common reason why your garage door becomes stuck. If the door can still open and close, but makes strange sounds or slows at a certain point during its operations, you can attempt realigning the track — due to the weight of the door, misaligned tracks should be addressed quickly to prevent additional strain to your tracks and rollers.

To realign the track, make sure the door is in the closed position. Loosen the bolts securing the track and tap the track with a rubber mallet to move it back into its proper position. Then retighten the bolts, and repeat the process on the other side. If the door won’t move at all, you’ll need to call in a professional, as this can offer safety hazards and will require special tools — or a complete replacement of the track — to fix.

Door Closes Then Immediately Reopens

When the door is closing then immediately reverses once it nears the floor, you either have an issue with your photo eye sensors or your opener’s limit settings. Problems with the limit setting typically occur immediately after a new garage door has been installed — this function tells the opener how far the door must travel downward before it hits the ground, and if it’s set too high, the machine will think the door is hitting the ground too soon and will automatically reverse.

Photo-eye sensors are safety features for garage door openers manufactured after 1993 and located at the base of your garage door. The photo eye sensor signals for your door to raise if it detects something in the path of the closing door. These components can become easily misaligned or loosened if accidentally struck, and when this happens, the invisible beam between the two boxes is misaligned. Fixing the photo eyes is simple — make sure both boxes are pointed towards each other at the same height and angle.

Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

There are several possible causes for why your garage door won’t open or close as prompted. If your garage door isn’t functioning normally, investigate one of these common causes:

  • Broken, damaged torsion spring
  • Disconnect switch enabled
  • Door manually locked
  • Remote batteries dead
  • Transmitter malfunction

If you can’t diagnose the problem yourself, call in a professional to take a look and recommend repair services to get your garage door back on track.

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No matter what type of garage door malfunctions you’re experiencing, you can trust the prompt, dependable expertise of the garage door repair professionals at Aaron’s Garage Doors to help. We happily provide garage door repair and maintenance services for homeowners throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, area and beyond. For every garage door repair project, our fully equipped, highly trained repair technicians arrive promptly to your home and identify repair needs and developing personalized solutions — we use only the highest quality tools and parts to ensure all repairs are lasting and reliable.

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