What To Do If Cold Air Is Leaking Into Your Home From Under Your Garage Door

Did you know that warm air from your home is likely being lost through gaps beneath your garage door? Cold air leaking from under the garage door is unpleasant, but with quality garage door products and parts, you can prevent this unwanted air transference. For most homes, the garage door bottom seal is the most effective tool for maintaining the condition of your home and overall energy efficiency.

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Prevent Cold Air Under Your Door Using Garage Door Seals and Other Upgrades

While garage door seals may seem like a minor part to your door’s design, they perform crucial security efforts and improve the overall efficiency of your door. Your garage door’s seals are placed around the outer edges and bottom of the door. These seals prevent air transference, moisture, pests and debris from entering your garage from the outside. If you see light peaking into your garage from below the door or feel cool air flowing from underneath the door, then you should consider replacing your weatherstripping.

To replace cracked, warped or damaged garage door bottom seals, begin by finding new, quality weather stripping, and measure the base of your door. Raise your door to a desired height, then use C-clamps to secure the door in place. Remove the old seal and slip the new stripping onto the seal holder.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

If you’re looking for effective, quality solutions for improving the performance of your garage door and increasing your home’s energy efficiency, then don’t stop at replacing worn, damaged weather stripping — update your garage door to an attractive insulated model.

By choosing an insulated garage door for your home, you’ll experience:

  • Greatly improved energy efficiency and indoor comfort — Choose from insulation properties ranging from R-values of eight to 32.
  • Quieter garage door operations — As your door is raised or lowered, the added weight and thickness of the door reduces vibrations throughout the door, which results in quieter operations.
  • Superior garage door durability and resilience — With layered construction, insulated garage doors have greater protection against harsh elements like direct sunlight, heavy rains and strong winds.

With the latest garage door manufacturing improvements, you can find a range of insulated garage doors that meet your efficiency, performance and design preferences.

Learn More About Garage Door Seals and Insulated Doors Today

Don’t needlessly settle for any products that don’t ensure your absolute comfort — with bottom garage door seal replacement products and insulated garage doors courtesy of Aaron’s Garage Doors you can improve your home’s efficiency and establish more enjoyable indoor environments.

We happily provide garage door products and services for homeowners throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, community and can recommend quality products and create personalized solutions to fit your daily needs and budget. For all of our local customers, we offer prompt responses, reliable services and free project estimates.

To learn more about our selection of insulated garage doors or our comprehensive garage door repair services, call us today at (615) 456-6654 or complete our contact form. Schedule garage door bottom seal replacement services by filling out our service request form.

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