What To Do If Your Garage Door Keeps Closing & Reopening

The garage door is likely the most used entryway to your home, and it’s essential to keep this fixture regularly maintained to ensure lasting safety, convenience and peace of mind. One regular garage door issue many homeowners face is clicking the control panel to close your door only to have it immediately reopen once it reaches the floor. Even though this malfunction can be irritating — especially when you’re trying to leave home and need the garage door to stay shut — finding and fixing the cause is usually simple.

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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Closes Then Reopens

When your garage door keeps opening and closing, there are typically several possibilities for this malfunction. If your garage door reverses when it hits the floor, look into these three common causes, and try troubleshooting the issue.

  • Incorrect travel settings— When your garage door is installed, the opener is programmed with a number that indicates how far down the door is expected to travel before it’s fully closed. If the door closes before that set distance has been completed, then the opener thinks there’s an error and automatically reverses to prevent property damages or injury. This setting could have been incorrectly set, or changes in the weather could cause the door to expand and contract affecting the total distance the door travels as it cycles. To fix this travel distance, locate and change the setting on your garage door opener.
  • Limit switch malfunctions — Similar to the travel setting, the limit switch decides where the door stops when it’s opened or closed — if the door reverses direction, adjust your limit switch.
  • Logic board condition — The logic board, found in your garage door opener, controls all of the operations of your garage door. While garage door openers are manufactured to last for many years, you may find that after 10 years, components of your opener like the logic board begin to experience wear. When the logic board is aged or damaged, it can cause the door to raise and lower unexpectedly.

Before grabbing a ladder to adjust your garage door opener settings, always make sure that there’s nothing blocking the path of the closing door. Garage door openers manufactured after 1993 feature photo eye sensors at the base of the track, which detects when an object is in the path of a lowering garage door and signals the opener to reverse the direction of the door. If the photo eye sensors are misaligned or detect an object, then your door won’t stay closed.

Why Trust Professional Garage Door Companies for Repairs?

While many homeowners may have the time and tools to attempt garage door repairs, for tasks more complicated than simple garage door maintenance, you should reach out to a trained, experienced technician. Garage door openers are under an immense amount of weight, tension and strain, and inexperienced handymen can be severely injured while attempting garage door repairs.

By trusting a licensed and certified garage door repair technician to address your door issues, you can save time and money, ensure the safety of yourself and your family and be assured that all repairs were performed using the proper tools and equipment for effective, lasting operations.

When Your Garage Door Is Malfunctioning, Call Aaron’s Garage Doors

If you’re a homeowner throughout the Nashville, Tennessee, area, and you’re having trouble with your garage door operations, contact Aaron’s Garage Doors to inspect your system. Since 1997, we’ve been the premier garage door repair and installation company throughout central Tennessee with trained, certified technicians, free service estimates and a focus on exceptional customer solutions.

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