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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers 

Is it time to buy a garage door opener? If you have never bought a garage door opener for your home, it may be a great time to upgrade. There have been dramatic advances in technology when it comes to residential garage door openers with respect to safety, security and convenience, and your home can almost certainly benefit from them.


Aaron’s Garage Doors for Garage Door Openers in Nashville

If you’re looking to buy a garage door opener in Nashville or elsewhere throughout Middle Tennesee, come to Aaron’s Garage Doors. We offer a full line of LiftMaster® garage door openers for your home. LiftMaster® is the leading brand and the state-of-the-art when it comes to garage door openers, so you can be sure that when we sell you a garage door opener, it is one you will be able to rely on for years to come.

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What to Look for in Nashville Garage Door Openers

Before you choose your LiftMaster® garage door opener from Aaron’s Garage Doors, you should know what you need in a garage door opener. Garage door opener considerations include:

  • Size/Power: Residential garage door openers come in 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP or 3/4 HP sizes. The standard size is 1/2 HP, which should easily have the power to open and close your standard garage door time after time. If you have a particularly heavy or oversized garage door, you may want to consider the 3/4 size. The 1/3 HP size is better for very light garage doors, and you will still probably get more life out of a 1/2 HP opener for those doors.
  • Jackshaft vs. Overhead: Most garage door openers are overhead openers, which means the unit sits at the top of your garage door. However, if you have limited overhead space, Aaron’s Garage Doors can provide you with a Jackshaft garage door opener that we mount on the side of your garage.
  • Chain Drive vs. Belt Drive: Chain drive LiftMaster® garage door openers are very sturdy, smooth, quiet, reliable garage door openers. However, if you prefer a smoother, quieter operation when your garage door opens or closes, you may want to opt for the belt drive models.

Aaron’s Garage Doors for All Your Garage Door Opener Needs

We have LiftMaster® garage door openers of all sizes in chain drive and belt drive versions as well as jackshaft openers, for your convenience. In addition to reliable, smooth, quiet operation, LiftMaster® garage doors also feature the Security+ 2.0 and MyQ® Smart Technology features, along with backup battery operation.

Security+ 2.0 makes sure that your opener operates according to a rolling code system, so unscrupulous individuals cannot steal your code and open your door without your knowledge. The MyQ® system allows you to open and close your door with an app on your mobile device from anywhere you can get a wifi signal. This offers you an unparalleled level of safety and convenience.

To choose the LiftMaster® garage door opener that is right for you and get an estimate on your opener and installation, just contact Aaron’s Garage Door online now.