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Garage Door Opener Replacement in Nashville, TN

Garage Door Openers and Garage Door Opener Replacement

There was a time when virtually all garage doors opened manually. Today, the ease and convenience of a garage door opener is quite common, and is a great idea for not only ease of use, but also for safety and security.

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Aaron’s Garage Doors offers a range of LiftMaster® garage door openers for your garage. LiftMaster® has an unchallenged reputation for quality when it comes to garage door openers, so if you’re looking to replace a garage door opener, LiftMaster® is a great choice. Types of garage door openers to consider when replacing a garage door opener include:

  • Chain-Drive Openers: A chain-drive opener opens your garage door by pulling a chain along the track. While these are economical and practical choices for a garage door opener, they can be noisy. If you are concerned about your garage door opening and closing too loudly, you may prefer to invest in a belt drive opener.
  • Screw-Drive Openers: Screw-drive openers have a similar mechanism, but instead of a chain, it works with a thread wrapped around a steel rod. When the opener is activated, the rod turns and pulls the thread, which is connected to the door. These openers, like chain-drive openers, can become noisy over time.
  • Belt-Drive Openers: Many people prefer belt-drive openers for their garage door. These openers pull the door along a rubber belt and are extremely quiet.
  • Jackshaft Garage Door Opener: This type of garage door opener is appropriate when you do not have a lot of overhead space in your garage for an opener. The jackshaft opener attaches directly to the torsion shaft and is off to the side, rather than hanging from the ceiling where it could interfere with large vehicles driving in.

The Lifespan of Residential Garage Door Openers

By using an automatic garage door opener, homeowners can safely and conveniently leave and enter their homes at their leisure. Without the opener, many would find using the garage door to be extremely difficult. While garage door openers are built to operate smoothly throughout heavy-duty daily use, eventually they will begin to wear — the average lifespan of residential garage door openers is between 10 and 15 years. The lifespan of your garage door opener largely depends on several factors:

  • Opener drive type: While each type of garage door opener — chain, belt and jackshaft — has several benefits, belt drive openers typically operate for longer than chain or jackshaft models. 
  • Average usage: How often you use your garage door opener also affects its lifespan. Garage door openers that receive average use, approximately three to five cycles per day for 300 or more days of the year, typically last for longer than openers that operate more often. 
  • Regular maintenance services: To exceed your garage door opener’s lifespan, homeowners should schedule routine annual maintenance with a garage door professional. With regular maintenance, technicians can lubricate moving parts, inspect the hardware for wear and corrosion, note any unusual sounds and perform necessary safety tests. By identifying repair needs proactively, you can expect to extend the longevity of your garage door opener. 

While many garage door opener models have far exceeded the standard machine lifespan — reliably opening and closing the door when prompted without excessive, noticeable issues — homeowners that have older openers should update their system to a newer model. With the advanced features included with today’s latest garage door openers, you can take advantage of the latest security and safety improvements and conveniences only offered by cutting-edge technology.

New Garage Door Opener Technology for Added Performance and Convenience

With the latest garage door openers from LiftMaster, local Nashville homeowners can find advanced solutions that meet their unique household needs and long-term expectations. At Aaron’s Garage Doors, we offer a wide selection of LiftMaster garage door openers from their versatile, improved Elite and Premium Series.

With LiftMaster’s latest garage door openers, you’ll have access to:

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity and MyQ Capabilities: These residential automatic garage door openers seamlessly connect to your home’s internet connection, and by simply downloading the MyQ app to your smartphone, you have instant access to your garage door’s operations. With MyQ, you can easily monitor your garage door activity, receive real-time alerts on your phone and open or close the door from anywhere. 
  • App linking with your smart homeNot only can MyQ conveniently monitor garage door motion, but it can also integrate with other smart home applications and security systems like Amazon Key, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and more. 
  • Security+2.0: Older garage door opener models sent a single frequency to remotes to open or close the door — making it easy for intruders to copy the code to their own device to use later. Newer residential garage door openers are programmed to use rolling door codes with Security+ 2.0 to ensure the safety and security of your home. 
  • Daily Scheduling: Easily program your garage door to open and close or turn the garage lights on according to a specific daily schedule. 
  • Battery Backup: When the power goes out unexpectedly, you’ll find it extremely difficult to operate your garage door opener, but with battery backup capabilities, you can safely and easily open your garage door. 

Homeowners can choose from the best garage door openers available with contemporary features to simplify your daily life, secure what matters most to you and stay well-connected to your home no matter where you travel.

Garage Door Opener Problems

How do you know if you have a broken garage door opener? If your garage door opener is making an excessive amount of noise, you may want to replace it. If your garage door opener is not opening or closing your garage door, your first step should be to disconnect the garage door opener and attempt to open or close the garage door manually. If you can do this, there’s a good chance you need garage door opener replacement.

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