Rely on us to install, maintain, and repair your garage door openers.

Although it is technically possible to open a garage door by hand, doing that way is inconvenient, time-consuming, and physically demanding. Before garage door openers became widely used, people had to get out of their vehicles and lift these heavy garage doors by hand just to get in and out of their garages. Fortunately, most garage doors today use mechanical openers which can be operated with the touch of a button or activated with a sensor.

If your garage doors are no longer opening and closing reliably, there are likely issues with your garage door openers. To get the problem resolved as soon as possible, our team at Aaron’s Garage Doors encourages you to give us a call. We have the right experience to repair garage door openers of all kinds, and you can count on us to get yours working again.

In our experience, some people assume that the term “garage door openers” refers only to the fob or remote used to activate the garage door, but this term refers to the mechanism itself. If your garage door starts to take longer to start moving or to completely open or shut, or if it starts to make grinding or screeching noises, then there is probably something wrong with the physical garage door opener equipment. Our technicians will carefully examine the mechanism to determine what’s wrong and then implement the effective solution you need.