Selecting The Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

With innovations from today’s leading garage door manufacturers, homeowners no longer have to be stifled by uninspired, plain garage door designs. Garage doors can occupy up to 40 percent of your home’s facade, and you don’t want a dull, drab garage door style.

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Modern garage doors are available in a wide assortment of styles, colors and materials and are typically found in the following options:

  • Carriage house: Taken from designs found on early carriage houses, today’s carriage house garage door styles are warm, rustic and traditional with a variety of window design options and heavy iron hardware adornments.
  • Traditional, raised panel: For a clean, classic look, explore traditional steel or wood garage door designs characterized by symmetrical, raised rectangular or square panels.
  • Contemporary: Garage doors inspired by modern aesthetics feature a functional, streamlined design with an emphasis on bold lines and few visual embellishments. Contemporary doors often accentuate a blend of materials like wood, aluminum or steel along with natural elements and wide, open window designs.

With a bold, stunning garage door design from innovative garage door brands, you can highlight the character of your home and stand out amongst your neighbors.

Choosing a Garage Door to Compliment Your Home’s Style

For the most attractive overall visual appeal, it’s best to choose a garage door style that naturally accentuates the existing architecture of your home. The Nashville area and its surrounding communities can boast some of the most stunning, unique architectural influences ranging from ornate, traditional Victorian homes to daring modern architecture.

If you’re searching for the right type of garage door for your home, explore these popular architectural styles to glean inspiration for a beautiful final result:

  • Victorian and traditional: Victorian and other homes with a traditional aesthetic have a regal, graceful appearance and the best way to accentuate the intricate architectural elements is with a wood or steel carriage house or raised panel garage door with modest embellishments yet dynamic appeal.
  • Craftsman and cottages: Cottages and craftsman-style homes became popular in the early 20th century, and these charming, cozy homes epitomize a connection with nature along with a unique vintage appeal. To complement the existing charisma of cottage and craftsman homes, choose a garage door carefully crafted from natural materials like wood and evoking simplistic aesthetics like carriage house doors. Spruce up your carriage-style door with a variety of paint colors, window designs and hardware options.
  • Farmhouses: While farmhouses are quaint on their own, with a carriage-house style wood door featuring delicate window panels and unassuming hardware, you can spruce up the farmhouse facade and accentuate the large porch, wide windows and shutters of your home.
  • Ranch: Ranch-style homes blend the best elements of contemporary architecture and vintage vibes — the best type of garage door styles for ranch homes are steel, wood or aluminum raised panel or carriage-house style doors in a funky color or stain option.
  • Modern: With a modern home, you must embrace bold design choices and forward-thinking ideas, so the best garage door style for modern homes are steel or aluminum contemporary garage doors with sleek lines, bold materials and minimal decor.

Choosing a new garage door style largely depends on your tastes, and while eclectic choices are often intriguing and daring, selecting a garage door that coordinates with the style of your home has the most attractive, long-term visual appeal.

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