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3 Common Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

If you’ve had your current garage door or doors for several years, chances are they need a repair service or will need one soon. Here are three of the most common signs that you need a garage door repair service.

1. Failure to open or close. If you’re trying to leave for work or come home from a long day of running errands, you need your garage door to open so that you can leave for the day or park. If your door won’t open or close, you may find yourself unable to go about your day, which can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, if you’re dealing with this issue, a garage door repair service can help you out.

2. Strange noises. It’s normal for your garage door to make noises as it opens and closes, but if the noises you’re hearing are different from what you normally hear, it’s important to take note, especially if the noises are extremely loud. Strange noises can point to a few different types of issues, but regardless of what the issue is, you’ll want to reach out to a garage door repair service.

3. Slow-moving door. Your garage door won’t open instantly, but if your door takes a longer time than usual to open or close, you should hire a garage door repair service. Slow-moving doors can be caused by old age, poor lubrication, or other issues.

We handle a variety of garage door issues here at Aaron’s Garage Doors. If you need a garage door repair service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.