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How to Know If the Track Is Not Aligned Properly for a Garage Door

How to Know If the Track Is Not Aligned Properly for a Garage Door

If you want to ensure dependable, safe and efficient garage door operations, remember that your garage door tracks should be properly in place and without damages in the materials and hardware.

The tracks of your garage door are two metal pieces arranged on either side of the door, leading from the floor to the ceiling. Your garage door opens and closes by using a set of rollers that glide along those tracks. When the track is damaged or misaligned, you could be left stranded in or outside of your garage, be at risk for personal or property harm or become vulnerable to unwanted intruders.

How to Tell If Your Garage Door Isn’t Aligned Properly

The best way to determine if your garage door is no longer aligned is by noting unusual operations like unpleasant noises or inconsistent movement. Garage doors can easily become misaligned due to loose, damaged hardware or force that causes the panels to become damaged or dislodged from the track. These instances can cause your door to bind — making opening and closing difficult — rub against the molding, leave a large gap at the molding or become off-balanced or completely off-track.

With any of these occurrences, your door is likely misaligned and should be repaired quickly to prevent daily inconveniences or even extensive damages or injuries.

Fixing a Misaligned Garage Door

If your garage door is not aligned properly, you can quickly inspect your hardware and perform simple adjustments to fix the door and avoid additional damages. Note whether your garage door is binding, rubbing or off-balance, and complete the following repairs and maintenance to realign it:

  • Binding garage doors: A binding garage door happens when the door is nearly impossible to operate. To fix a binding door, begin by loosening the screws that secure the track to the garage door frame. Then, use a rubber mallet to reposition the track to its proper placement. Use a level to ensure the track is straight, then refasten the screws.
  • Gapping or rubbing: Easily fix a door that’s gapping or rubbing by slightly moving the garage door track. Loosen the top track from the lower track, then move the piece until there’s only a 1/4- inch gap or less between the door and molding. Tighten the track, then ensure it’s securely in place.
  • Off-balance doors: If your door is off-balance, check its spring, cable and track quality. Look over each part carefully, ensuring nothing is damaged, broken or warped. If you notice any wear and tear, consult a professional garage door repair company to assist you with repairs — while many homeowners are skilled handymen, garage door part replacements can be dangerous due to the immense weight and tension of the door.

Sometimes if your garage door is misaligned, it can come off the track, which is potentially hazardous for homeowners. Off-track garage doors can be caused by an unexpected impact by your vehicle, misaligned tracks, a broken roller or worn cables. If your garage door has gone off-track, attempt closing the door — if the hardware isn’t too damaged — to avoid break-ins and other safety concerns. Garage doors that are off-track can be extremely dangerous, so repairs should be performed by a professional to prevent injury.

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