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3 Things to Do Before Your Garage Door Installation

3 Things to Do Before Your Garage Door Installation

Are you replacing your garage door? If so, you’ll want to make sure you do what you can to help prevent damages to your property and make the new garage door installation process as smooth as possible. Here are three important things to do before your garage door installation.

  1. Move your car. Your garage door technician will need enough room to work and make sure the garage door installation goes properly, but having your car in the garage or driveway will make the process much more difficult if not impossible. Before your technician arrives, make sure to park your car on the street so that you don’t have to worry about something falling on your car or it getting damaged.
  2. Clear out storage. Many people use their garage for storing boxes, bicycles, and other items in addition to their cars. You don’t have to remove everything from your garage, but clearing out excess storage and other items will help provide your technician with sufficient room to work. Pay particular attention to the area around the sides of the garage door.
  3. Keep pets and children inside. To help keep them safe and out of the way, make sure all of your pets and children are inside. They’ll likely be curious to see what’s going on during your garage door installation, but the installation process will be easier if you eliminate any distractions for your technician.

Call us here at Aaron’s Garage Doors today if you have any other questions about the best practices to follow before we install your new garage doors.