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The Best Way To Clean Paint & Graffiti Off A Garage Door

The paint on a garage door would eventually suffer severe wear and tear and also partially fall off. The sun, rain and snow also have tumultuous impacts on the paint of a garage door and often homeowners have to hire a garage door repair company only to get rid of the paint or any graffiti. Scraped off paint or graffiti can cause a huge dent to the curb appeal and is certainly undesirable.

The best way to clean paint and graffiti off a garage door would depend on the type of garage door you have and also the nature & texture of the paint or graffiti. Some graffiti and paint are very mild and soft on the surface. Spraying water using a garden hose can easily wash them off from the garage door. But there are many paints and graffiti which are harsh and are not easy to clean.

Wooden garage door and a metallic garage door cannot be got rid of paint in the same manner. Metallic garage doors such as those made of steel or aluminum can use graffiti or paint removal solvents and then can be scraped off. There are many such products available in the market. However, a wooden garage door cannot be subjected to chemicals which will eventually damage the door and one would either have to opt for garage door repair or a complete replacement.

The best way to clean a wooden garage door is a process that involves spraying and scraping. You must take a garden hose and spray the garage door. This is to take off the dust, dirt, grime and the chipped off paint or graffiti from the garage door. You can also use a nylon brush to scrub off the debris. The garage door must be allowed to dry naturally after this. You can also keep it for a few hours while attending to some other household tasks. Once the garage door is dry, you should take a paint scraper and scrape off any paint or graffiti that is still there. You should be scrubbing in a to and fro motion in accordance to the wood grains. Once the paint and graffiti have been taken off, use a sandpaper (30 grit first and then a 60 grit) to clean the wooden surface, to smoothen it and to remove any scars or scratches. Finally spraying the garage door with water and then allowing it to dry should get you your old garage door.

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