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Advantages of Investing in a Glass Garage Door For Your Nashville Property

Advantages of Investing in a Glass Garage Door For Your Nashville Property

Your home is a reflection of you and your family — a culmination of your achievements, ambitions, and character.

Part of that reflection is how you choose to design and decorate your home’s exterior, as the exterior will often be your neighbors’ first (and only) impression of your family.

For luxury homes with multi-car garages, the garage accounts for a third of the home’s exterior and should be an integral part of how you decide to design or redesign your home.

The Advantages of Choosing a Glass Garage Door

Your garage door can transform your home’s curb appeal. A glass garage door is indicative of modernity, elegance, and luxury.

These characteristics make glass garage doors preferable to aluminum, wood, and vinyl garage doors, all of which have advantages and disadvantages.


Newly built homes with modern designs often have glass garage doors. Other materials used for garage doors tend to date a property because, much like other home design elements, a garage door is based on what was trending at that time. Even given a coat of paint, an older garage door from a bygone era will still show its age even if it has been regularly maintained.

Low Maintenance

Although every garage door requires standard annual maintenance to remain in good working order, glass garage doors won’t require further maintenance as they don’t decay, rust, rot, or are susceptible to insect damage like wood garage doors. This is why homeowners of luxury properties prefer glass garage doors to wood garage doors. The former maintains the property value far better than vinyl garage doors, which also require minimal aftercare but can cheapen the curb appeal.

Added Natural Light 

If you use your garage for something other than car storage, the added natural light makes the space far more inviting. The natural light transforms what can be a dark, inhospitable space into one that you could leverage in several ways and add valuable square footage.


A glass garage door is not the window to the soul of your property. Your valuables can still be secure when a garage is fitted with a glass door, as the glass can be tinted, frosted, mirrored, and obscured.

Glass garage doors won’t break or shatter, as they’re tempered, reinforced, and can even be made bulletproof for homeowners who want extra security.


Glass is one of the most resilient materials you’ll use to build a home, as it would take a million years and the harshest conditions to deteriorate.

Therefore, besides being timeless, your glass garage door will also maintain its sophisticated and new appearance for decades after installation.

If you’re interested in installing a glass garage door for your luxury Nashville home, choose Aaron’s Garage Doors. Our extensive collection of garage doors guarantees you’ll find a door that suits your needs and anesthetics, whether you have a contemporary, classic, or farm-style design.