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Common Garage Door Opener Problems

One of the most convenient gadgets a homeowner can have is a garage door opener. It provides security, protection from inclement weather and push-button ease. Yet it can also cause major inconvenience when it malfunctions. Let’s determine if it’s a safety, mechanical or electrical issue.

My Garage Door Opener Operates By Itself

If your garage door opener opens the garage spontaneously, check that no items are sitting on the garage door control, if the control was left inside of the car. If it’s not the case, carefully check the condition of the garage door opener for dirt, grim and dust. Even a slightly stuck button may trigger the door to open. To clean the control, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Garage Door Opener Only Opens Partially

If your garage door opener only opens the garage door part of the way, perhaps the springs have lost tension or the motor and gears may have worn out after years of use.

My Garage Door Opener Isn’t Working at All

Whether you use the garage door opener or press the interior button, if your garage door door does not open, there may be a problem with the opener itself. Check and confirm that the electrical plug of garage door opener is plugged in, plus the electrical outlet is patent. Check the the motor of the garage door opener is functioning properly be listening for the motor noise. Finally, check the optic-sensor safety system for debris that may be blocking it.

Garage Door Opener Won’t Close the Door

If your garage door does not close from the open position, attempts to close but reverses immediately or if it closes part way down, there is a safety device issue. Usually the light on the garage door opener will flash to indicate activation. Typically, you can use the manual button on the inside of your garage to close your garage door. The first troubleshooting step is to look at the light of the photo sensors. If the photo sensors are not lit up, there may be issues with the plugs, wires or connections. The second area to check is the motor unit. Occasionally, the force settings of the opener, the pressure that it will apply when moving the garage door in the open or closed mode, needs adjustment to accommodate changes in weather or the wear of the door. Check that the infra-red sensors are aligned by breaking the beam with your hand. Align the sender infra-red sensor by your eye and the infra-red sensor receiver by using the guide of the led indicator.

If you have not find the problem or feel uncomfortable doing the repairs yourself consider contacting a professional. Door repairs and tune ups will extend the life of your garage door.

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