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Garage Door Maintenance Tips & Checklist

Keeping your garage door properly maintained is crucial to keeping your garage door working properly. When trying to keep your garage door working properly you need to consider hiring a professional team to service your garage door.

The better care you provide for your garage door, the longer it will last. If you notice a problem with your Houston garage door, you should address it immediately before the problem becomes worse. Here’s a checklist of things to maintain and check on your garage door:

1. Springs: the springs do 95% of the work in automatic garage doors, if you door does not open correctly it is possible that your springs are out of adjustment or worn out and need replacement. Do not attempt to adjust the springs if you are not a certified technician. The springs are under a significant amount of pressure and can cause serious injuries to those who are not certified.

2. Cleaning the garage door: you should regularly wash your garage door with a light brush with soap and water. Keeping your garage door clean helps protect it against build up of corrosive elements.

3. Cables, levels, hinges, and rollers: you need to check these every 6 months to make sure the hardware is working properly. Look for any loose metal, or loose connections. If you find something that is wrong, call the professionals immediately.

4. Lubrication: always use a lightweight oil to lubricate the garage door parts. Keeping the parts lubricated every season is highly advisable to keeping your garage door working properly.

5. Remote garage openers: Make sure you check the batteries of your garage remote to ensure that it is able to open and close your garage door properly. Also, make sure you are able to stop the garage in mid-closure in the event that you need to reopen the garage quickly.

It is highly recommended to call the Nashville garage door service professionals to repair and replace your garage door needs. Many amateurs have been involved in serious accidents when trying to repair their garage door needs.

For more information about Tennessee garage door maintenance call your local Nashville garage door service company.

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