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Garage Door Openers: Which Type Is Right for You?

Garage Door Openers: Which Type Is Right for You?

There are all sorts of garage door openers available to homeowners these days. Not only are there countless manufacturers to choose from, but there are also many different types of garage door openers, so it can be a challenge to know which is right for you.

Here is a brief guide to some common garage door openers to help you make the best choice for your needs:

  • Chain-Drive – A chain-drive garage door opener is one of the most popular and affordable options because it works with almost any garage door height and width. It is strong, but its operation is noisier than some other types.
  • Belt-Drive – Belt-drive garage door openers work the same way as chain-drive ones, only they use a rubber belt instead of a chain. Their operation is the quietest of the garage door openers, but they are one of the more expensive options, and they have shorter lifespans.
  • Screw-Drive – Screw-drive garage door openers have a threaded bar that works just like a screw does. The bar rotates in one direction to open and the other to close the garage door. A screw-drive opener has fewer moving parts and is quieter than a chain-drive opener, but it needs a fair amount of maintenance and isn’t the best for heavier doors.
  • Smart Operator – Smart garage door openers can use hardware from the above examples, but they have the advantages of a digital control panel. Some have real-time home monitoring, operation from a mobile app, carbon monoxide detection, and more.

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