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Garage Door Security While on Vacation

Keeping your home safe and secure is most likely high on your list of priorities. But while we all take care to make sure we look the doors and windows when we leave, it’s also important to make sure the garage door is secured against potential intruders.

Garage door security is important –especially if you’re getting ready to leave town. Statistics show that almost 70% of all home intruders gain access to a house through the garage door. Garage doors that are left unsecured can make a perfect entry point for burglars, making it especially easy for your home to be targeted. When planning a vacation, be sure to add garage door security to your list, to give you peace of mind while you are away.

Here are a few tips to help you to secure your garage door against break-ins.

  • Garage Door Opener Before you leave town, unplug your electric garage door opener to minimize the chances of your garage door being opened. If your garage door has a vacation lock, put this to use as well. You might also consider updating your garage door opener to one that has “rolling code” technology, which makes it difficult for intruders to gain unauthorized access to your garage.
  • Garage Door Remote Be sure to leave your garage door remote in a safe place. Avoid leaving the remote in your car, or within close range of your garage. A garage door remote opener is essentially like a key, and should be treated like a house key and kept in a secure place at all times.
  • Garage Door Locks You may want to consider investing in some high quality garage door locks to secure your garage door from the inside while you are away. This will help to prevent unwanted ‘visitors’ from dropping in while you are gone. Securing your garage door from the inside is a relatively easy task that could save you in the long run.
  • Garage Door Finally, your garage door is only as secure as its hinges and support structure, so make sure your garage door hardware is in good shape, and strong enough to withstand an attempted break in. Corroded or damaged hardware could allow an intruder easier access through your door. It’s also important to make sure the garage door panel itself is in good condition as well.
  • Garage Entry Door Finally, don’t forget to lock the connecting door to your house from garage if your garage is connected to your house. In the event that someone does gain entry into your garage, a secure connecting door will make it difficult to gain entry into your home.

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