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Insulated Vs Non Insulated Garage Doors

Whether one should have an insulated garage door or a non insulated one would depend on a few circumstances. Irrespective of personal preferences and the aspects that should determine which one is ideal for you, let us take a quick look at the differences first.

  • Insulated garage door, as the name suggests, offer insulation. Non insulated doors do not cater to any such aspects.
  • An insulated garage door would have two layers of the material (for example Steel) and the space in between the two layers would serve as the insulator. There may be air pumped into it or some insulating material. Non insulated garage door would typically have one layer of steel.
  • Insulated garage door is normally expensive than non insulated ones.
  • Non insulated garage door is generally noisier than insulated ones. The latter type of garage door is much more convenient to operate as well.
  • Insulated garage door has a longer life and is also more resistant to rust and dings.

Now that we know the differences between an insulated garage door and a non insulated one, it would be easier for us to determine which one would be ideal for you.

  • If you live in hot tropical zones or cold temperate zones then you have no option other than an insulated garage door. A non insulated garage door can lead to an overheated garage in hot areas and can freeze one in a chilly city.
  • The second factor would be the price. Not everyone has the luxury to do anything without bothering much about the investments. If an insulated garage door suits your budget then it is always a good option.
  • Houses located in mildly warm and mildly cold areas may do pretty well with a non insulated garage door.

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