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Guide to DIY Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors go up and down many times a day and as homeowners, we expect them to. With proper maintenance, these doors will continue to do so for many years.

As we go to customers’ homes and businesses every day, we see many homeowners who ignore their garage doors until they stop working. By the time this happens, it is too late.

“Many homeowners do not really think about the garage door as long as they work. They wait until something breaks and suddenly, they need hundreds or thousands of dollars to get it working again,” Aaron Moore, owner of Nashville Garage Door Repair Service said in Nashville, TN.

Regular garage door maintenance is best

“The best thing to do is regular maintenance. When you maintain your garage door regularly, it does not break down often and it is easy to catch things that are going wrong before they actually do,” Moore said.

Read your garage door manual

He said homeowners should read their garage door manuals.

“This is important but many homeowners do not even know where their garage door manuals are. If you have misplaced your garage door manual, find the manufacturer of your garage door then go to their website and download the manual. Most manufacturers post the manuals online,” he said.

Inspect your garage door regularly

Moore said homeowners should perform visual inspection of all moving parts including cables, hinges, rollers, springs and garage door openers.

“This should be done at least once every three months to ensure they are wearing normally. This also allows you to find parts that need a replacement quickly before they go bad and damage something else,” he said.

Lubricate your garage door

It is a good idea to lubricate your garage door periodically using silicone, light oil or white lithium grease.

“Besides lubricating the door parts, homeowners also need to test the door operations by placing a two inch wood flat on the floor, and then attempt to close the door. It should reverse automatically when it encounters the wood.

Change remote control battery

Change the battery on the remote control and check the electronic sensors to ensure they are properly aligned,” Moore said.

“Doing these things will ensure your garage door continues to function as it is designed to do for many more years. For homeowners in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area, Aarons Garage Doors is available to do proper maintenance anytime. Call us at 615-456-6654,” he added.

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