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How to Open Your Garage Door When the Power Goes Out

The very thought of being without power when you have to open your garage door can be nerve crackling. While many people may know how to operate a garage door even without a power source, when the time comes, most people do not find the solution. If you have an electric garage door and the power goes out then you can simply take these steps to open your garage door.

  • The first thing that you would have to do is to disconnect your garage door from the opener. The method to disconnect the garage door from the opener may vary depending on the type you have installed at your home. Typically, there is an emergency cord which has a red handle that needs to be pulled out. Presumably your garage door is in the closed and locked stage while you perform this since it should never be done when the garage door is open.
  • Once you pull the emergency cord, you can easily open the garage door manually. Depending on the way it opens you can slide it or pull it up and then check if the garage door stays opened without your intervention.
  • Once assured, you can move your car out and close the garage door manually. Your garage door should have a manual lock as well which you can then use to secure it.

While reconnecting the emergency cord you must ensure that the garage door is closed but not locked. Trying to reconnect the opener to the garage door and trying to open it when it is locked can damage the garage door as well as the opener.

In case you cannot go about this entire exercise for some mechanical problems in your garage door then a specialist is what you have to look for.

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