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Garage Door Maintenance Checklist – Aaron’s of Tennessee

Here in Nashville, TN, there are several problems that can occur with your garage door and decrease its life expectancy.

The garage door may not open fully, it also may vibrate and clatter as it opens, or your garage door springs lose tension and break; these scenarios are good indicators to pick up the phone, and call a Nashville garage door repair company.

Before you call a garage door expert, some of these issues could have been prevented with proper garage door maintenance. Listed below are a few tips before calling for garage door repair service.

1. Garage Door Proper Care

Automatic garage doors are most common in the Nashville area. They also require their yearly maintenance and upkeep. So before you hire a garage door company, here is a list of ways to increase your garage door life expectancy and maintenance tips:

2. Garage Door Sensors.

First, let’s begin with the garage door safety sensors. Keep all objects in the garage clear of the sensors and make sure to clean any dust that is collected by the sensors periodically.

3. Garage Door Springs.

Check the garage door springs. Keep the garage door springs well lubricated along with the rollers and the hinges. Lubricate all parts every four to six months using lightweight oil.

4. Garage Door Tracks.

Check the metal tracks for any cracking or possible dents that may prevent the rollers from working properly. Look at the garage door and make sure each section is in its place and tightened together properly. Also wash your garage door monthly to keep preventing corrosion.

5. Garage Door Key Pads.

Finally check to see if your garage door key pad is mounted correctly and all the buttons are functioning properly.

Keep these tips in mind yearly to keep your garage door working properly. With proper maintenance your garage door will refrain from malfunctioning. However, if your garage door continues to break down even with the proper care, it’s time to call a garage door repair company.

One company to keep in mind for your garage door needs in Nashville, Lebanon and Middle Tennessee area is Aaron’s Door Service. We have been in business for over 15 years. There is no garage door that can’t be serviced by our experts. We stand behind every inch of our work. So don’t delay and give Aaron’s garage door a call at 615-456-6654 for a free estimate.

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