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Garage Door Safety: What You Need to Know

According to statistics many garage doors cause a lot of accidents. If it is not regularly checked and maintained it may result to some serious problems. The safety of the garage door is not only important for your well being but that of your family as well. Children are usually victims of a door with problems. It may hit a child and cause serious injuries. There is a simple basic safety checklist that is recommended by most professionals.

It can be checked by the homeowner or the services of a trained professional may be hired. A visual inspection of the door is very important. This is done through checking various basic components for any signs of wear and tear. These components include the springs and cables. If there are any problems a professional should be hired to thoroughly and fully inspect it.

The reversing mechanism of the door should be periodically tested. This should be done on a monthly basis. The reversing mechanism is meant to make the garage door to reverse when it is blocked by an object. You can lay a piece of wood under the door at the centre, When the door hits the wood it should automatically reverse, if this does not happen there is a problem and it should be serviced and fixed.

The door balance should be tested monthly. After the door is closed and the operator disconnected, when it is lifted it should go up smoothly with minimal effort and should remain open. If there is any resistance then the garage door is not safe.

The open force should also be checked. When the door is going down you should try to hold it so as to try to prevent it from closing. If it does not go down then the force is excessive and should be decreased.

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