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Tilt-Up Vs. Sectional Garage Doors

There are two types of garage doors common on the market today. These include the classic tilt-up door and sectional doors. Tilt-up garage doors are a type of door that is built as one piece. In order to open and close the garage, the door is pulled back on a pivot before being lifted onto a track in the ceiling of the garage. These are most commonly ordered when someone wants to match a door on an older property. Sectional garage doors are the modern type of hinged door that has several horizontal sections that remain on the track during the entire retraction process.

The main benefit to tilt-up garage doors is that they are often considered more elegant and beautiful than sectionalized doors. In part, this is due to the fact that it is possible to include glass windows and even a pilot door for those who want to be able to enter the garage without having to open the larger door. They can come in many materials, including wood, which sectionalized doors often can’t come in due to the stress that the horizontal hinging puts on the materials.

On the other hand, sectional garage doors are a great deal more convenient than the old-fashioned tilt-up models. Tilt-up models require a great deal of clearance in order to be retracted into the garage, wasting a great deal of space. Tilt-up models are also a great deal more expensive than the standard sectional door.

When you are considering what type of door to get, consider the railing system that is already in place for your garage. Unless you intend on replacing the track, you need to select the type of door that matches the style of track that you own. Due to how they are opened and closed, sectional garage doors and tilt-up doors use different track systems. If you want to swap the type of door your house uses, you may need to replace the entire garage door system, which is extremely expensive.

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