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Time to Upgrade Your Garage Door

Is your garage door plain and simple? Are you still using the up and over manual garage door? Well it´s the 21st century and automatic garage doors are the new iPhones. Adding a new garage door to your home can also give your home a new facelift. It can also increase the value of your home.

The garage door makes up 40 percent of your exterior home visibility from street view. So shopping for a new garage door can be complicated at times because of all the new styles and functions. Here are some tips to look into when browsing for a door.

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Let’s start off with some the different styles:

Carriage Garage Doors
Swing Out Garage Doors
Sectional Garage Doors

Here in Nashville, TN the most common of the three are sectional garage doors. This type of garage door is connected by several panels and is pulled by an automated garage door opener. Sectional garage doors are highly recommended for Nashville residents due to the climate changes and long lasting life expectancy.


Another aspect to take under consideration is windows. Having windows on your garage door will add an exotic and new look to your garage. Also it will allow natural light to flow into your garage door and will keep comfortable temperatures in the garage. Having windows and automatic garage door will also increase the value of your home.

Steel Garage Doors

The most common type of garage doors is made of steel. Steel garage doors are also very cost effective in today’s economy. They also come in different sizes and layers. For example there are single layer door which consists of a single layer of steel. Then there is a double layer door which comes with two layers of steel and the second layer is for insulation.

Lastly there is the triple layer steel door which is assembled with three layers of steel to keep the door sturdy, solid, and insulated. However the best part about steel doors is you can paint them any color you want when you renovate your home in the future.

These were some factors to checkout when replacing or upgrading your garage door. Also remember to call a Nashville garage door company when replacing a garage door. This can be a very hazardous job and needs to be performed by a licensed garage door expert. So pick up the phone and get a free estimate on replacing or upgrading your garage door at Aaron’s Door Service. Call the experts today and get a facelift for your home today (615) 456-6654.

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