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Tips for Choosing a Garage Door

Homeowners seek greater curb appeal regardless of whether they are looking to sell their home or remain in the home for the next 20 years. Garage doors are typically 20-30% of front facade of the home and therefore, dented, scratched or simply ugly garage doors affect the curb appeal of a home as much, or more as poor siding or paint. Garage doors also have the added responsibility for keeping homes safe and secure while stopping rain, snow, dust and critters from coming in. Garage doors are one of the most important features of any home for both esthetics and security.

Keys to Choosing a Garage Door:

  • Budget
  • Climate
  • Security
  • Style
  • Material

Local Climate

When choosing a new garage door, consumers should first consider their budget and the local climate challenges. Does their area have extensive rains, flooding, snow, winds or the like? Are temperatures in the winter below freezing? There are garage doors available in a variety of materials, designs and price ranges to fit any project the homeowner desires.

Budget & Material

Steel garage doors are typically the most reasonably priced. In areas without freezing temperatures, galvanized steel garage doors without insulation may be the right option. However, they are also available with insulation. Steel garage doors are available in many designs with options for windows and paint colors.

Wood garage doors offer a wide variety of options from the simple paneled doors to custom ornate creations as a true statement piece on the home. Some custom wood garage doors can be designed to look like old carriage house or barn doors for added drama. They are available in both paint grade and stain grade so that they can easily be customized the color to the home.

The newer plastic garage doors are lightweight and corrosion free. They won’t warp in humid climates like a wood garage door can, or dent like their cousin the steel garage door.

Whatever the material choice, homeowners need to choose garage doors that are best for their environment, while providing safety and security for the family, within their budget.

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