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Tips on Installing a Garage Door

When looking at a home DYI project, make sure you only take on work that does not required professionally trained expertise. For garage doors, that means you should not do anything that has to do with the torsion spring assembly. This includes the bottom roller bracket. The torsion spring is under great tension and stores a significant amount of potential energy. Serious injury or death could occur. Call a professional, such as those at Aaron’s Garage Doors here in Nashville.

IDEA 1. Make sure your door needs replacing and that it is a suitable DIY task.
If your garage door is opening slowly or making a lot of noise, the problem may not be your opener. Before you buy a new one, check for broken or unsteady rollers and brackets. Do not replace the bottom roller bracket yourself. You’ll need to call a professional.

Make sure the door is balanced. Close the door and pull the emergency release cord (always close the door first so it can’t come crashing down!). Lift the door about halfway up and let go. The door shouldn’t move. If it slides up or down, the torsion spring needs to be replaced or adjusted. As stated above, for this task please call a professional.

If the door is reversing when it’s closing, even when there’s nothing obvious obscuring the photoelectric eyes, then the problem is likely with photoelectric eyes. They are very sensitive. Check for cobwebs, for example. Make sure the eyes are clean and in alignment.

IDEA 2. Select the right opener.
Select a 1/3 hp or 1/2 hp opener for a single garage door or a 1/2 hp for a double door. Doors which are extra heavy due to design detail may need to be 3/4 hp. Note that increasing hp does not increase speed.

IDEA 3. Use a ladder as a base for installation.
Place the opener on a ladder and use scrap lumber to get it at the height you need. Align the opener’s rail with the center of the garage door.

IDEA 4. Do not re-use parts from the old opener.
New components should be used with the new opener. Using old eyes and wires increase the likelihood of repair sooner than later.

IDEA 5. Install ‘tough’ light bulbs.
Garage door openers vibrate, so use bulbs that can handle it. Look for “rough service” or “garage door” on the label. Be sure to use the wattage specified in your manual. If you use a higher wattage, the heat could melt the plastic cover over the bulbs or even damage the circuit board inside the opener.

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