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Ways to Protect a Garage Door From Humidity

Ways to Protect a Garage Door From Humidity

Wood garage doors are growing in popularity for many homeowners because of their warm aesthetic, attractive, versatile finish and durability. While wood doors are dependable materials for home protection and lasting beauty, these finishes can become damaged in climates with extreme heat or excess humidity. When exposed to these damaging elements, your stunning wood garage door can become warped and cracked, diminishing its long-term quality and appearance.

By taking proper precautions in certain weather conditions, performing regular garage door maintenance and reducing humidity levels inside your garage, you can keep your wooden garage door from cracking and provide lasting protection.

Protecting Your Garage Door From Heat and Humidity

The best method for protecting your door against damaging heat and humidity is by regularly refreshing the finish on your garage door and performing routine maintenance. The top seal of your wooden garage door protects the finish against moisture intrusion, which can cause rot, cracking and warping.

Regularly inspect your wood garage door and note any chipping or cracking in the top coat seal. If you do notice these damages, take the necessary steps to repair them and keep your garage door protected — sand and clean the wood, fill any surface damages, then fully seal the wood to protect against rot and improve your home’s curb appeal.

As part of regular homeowner garage door maintenance, you should also be checking your door’s hardware in addition to keeping the door’s surface adequately coated. Depending on your climate, high levels of heat and humidity can also damage parts and cause premature wear and tear, leading to early replacement. Keep moving parts like springs, cables and hinges well-lubricated to prevent corrosion and weakened structures.

Also, as your garage door operates, note any unusual noises like screeching or banging. If you notice these issues, contact a professional to inspect your system and recommend repairs.

How to Weatherproof Your Garage

Part of protecting your garage door from heat and humidity is keeping the inside of your garage regulated and comfortable. A hot and humid garage will not only damage the quality of your door but can also lead to unsightly and unhealthy mold and mildew growth and potential property damage. Keep your garage safe and dry by performing the following tasks:

  • Block humid air from getting into the garage by investing in an insulated garage door and properly sealing all exterior doors and windows.
  • Keep the garage dry by wiping up any excess moisture and replacing moisture-absorbing cardboard boxes with resistant plastic containers.
  • Properly ventilate your garage by creating air circulation — open windows and install an exhaust fan, ceiling fan or dehumidifier.

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