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Wood Vs Steel Garage Doors

There is no one on this planet who can state that a certain type of garage door is definitely better than the other. Sure, there would be pros and cons, some types of garage door would have more security while some would look better but at the end of the day it boils down to preference. Someone who is unutterably in love with wooden furniture would almost always settle for a wood garage door while a young family who are likely to opt for contemporary furniture that are less costly and more trendy would prefer a steel garage door. When it comes to a house, budget, personal preference and the sync of the garage door with the appearance of the house and numerous other factors play an integral role in decision making.

Here, we take a pragmatic look at wood and steel garage door shedding light only on what the facts are and leave the decision onto you.

  • A steel garage door is likely to cost you much less than a wood garage door. There are various high end steel garage doors which could cost a lot of money but when comparatively you look at high end wood garage door, they would cost a fortune.
  • Wood garage door would always have more aesthetic values than steel garage door. Irrespective of how advanced technology is being used to manufacture and craft the steel garage door, it would remain a metallic amalgamation at the end of the day. A wood garage door with exquisite stains would look more posh than any type of steel garage door.
  • Maintenance is easy with steel garage door. You may have to attend to your wood garage door every now and then, ensure that the paint is on, the stains are well kept and the list goes on. With a steel garage door, you get them installed and forget about them.
  • Wood garage door may offer you a maximum warranty of 10 years but a steel garage door would easily offer you up to 20 years of warranty.
  • Steel garage door wouldn’t rust and it offers fascinating security. While wood doors are also secured but it is more prone to damage when subjected to harsh weathers.

There is a widespread perception that steel and wood garage door offer different levels of insulation but that is more of a myth. When made properly, both types of garage door can offer equally effective insulation.

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