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Why Won’t My Garage Door Work? Tips from Aaron’s Garage Doors of Nashville, TN

Garage door is the heaviest moving object in the home. It has many moving parts and occasionally, some of the parts break down. When this happens, would you know what to do to or who to call in Nashville, TN to fix it?

The first thing to do is not panic, says Aaron Moore, owner of Aarons Garage Door Service, your Nashville garage door repair service.

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“Our first advice to our clients when they call us on the phone because their garage doors stop working is not to panic. We ask them a few questions like the last time the garage door worked normally, what they may have done to cause the door to malfunction and more. We ask these questions to make sure it is not something the homeowner is doing wrong,” he said.

1. Check garage door remote battery
“The first thing we suggest is for them to check the battery to the garage door remote control,” says Aaron Moore. “You will be surprised how many people forget to do this. They fail to change their remote control battery for a long time. Sometimes, their homes will lose power and they forget to reprogram the remote,” he added.
“If the remote control battery is not the problem, we ask more questions about the chain or any noise from the garage door opener, to see if the chain is moving when they attempt to open or close the garage door.”

2. Call garage door experts
Moore said sometimes, the issue requires a visit from a trained technician. “If they determine the issue cannot be resolved quickly, we will set up an appointment to help fix the problem.”
“We begin by finding out how the garage door has performed in the past and if there have been any changes in operation. Then we will do a point to point inspection of the garage door and garage door opener which includes the garage door sections, track, hinges, springs, cables and rollers,” he said.

He said the garage door technician also checks the garage door opener for proper operation. “We also check the garage door opener for proper operation; make sure the belt, chain or screw drive is working properly. We check for stripped gears in the motor head and make sure the sensors are aligned and performing correctly.”

Moore said there are many things that can go wrong with garage doors. “The homeowner can be operating the garage door without realizing that something is seriously wrong with the door or door opener. For instance, above the top of your sectional garage door is a torsion spring. You may have one spring or for a perfectly balanced door, two springs. Sometimes, they break or don’t work properly and need to be replaced.”

“Just this week we went out to a customer’s home who complained that their garage door would not go up. We quickly pointed out that the torsion spring has broken. The customer may not know what to look for but we are trained to spot these things,” he added.

Moore advised homeowners not to attempt to fix broken garage doors. “Garage doors are heavy, torsion springs are wound tight and under pressure, and dangerous to replace if you are not a garage door professional. One mistake and the homeowner can get seriously hurt. It is not a good idea to fix your garage door unless you are a trained garage door professional,” he added.

In Nashville, Lebanon, Brentwood, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Hendersonville and nearby cities in Tennessee, call your Tennessee garage door repair specialists, Aarons Garage Door Repair for all your garage door issues.

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